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December 21st of this year will be hell. Not because the world will end, but because of all the lunatics thinking that the world will end.
1-People will run red lights.
2-Minors will drink more than they ever have before.
3-The most terrible crimes will be committed.
4-The stock market will crash.
5-Thousands will gather in churches.
6-Religious groups will go wild preaching their beliefs and offering you your last chance for salvation.
7-Agnostics will question their doubts.
8-Atheists will ignore the crowds.
9-People who haven't done their christmas shopping yet will put it off just to see if tomorrow comes.
10-Casinos will be jam-packed.

And then when everyone wakes up the next morning Most will regret their actions from the previous night, especially the criminals who will be rotting in jail and the minors who are hungover.
"Hey, did you hear that the apocolypse is coming in 2012?"
"Yeah, 2012 is gonna go down in history, man!"
"Not if no one is here to write about it!"
"This is just like Y2K."
by doubter September 01, 2009
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