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A phrase that should be uttered as often as possible, whenever one is extremely drunk. May be used to answer any question whatsoever.
"Dude, you're really fucked up."
"Pretty much!"

Trevor: "How much have you had to drink tonight?"
Alex: "Pretty much!"
by double-a November 24, 2006
Short for Dense Nuggs. In other words, a highly packed bag of (usually) high-grade marijuana that is not at all fluffy.
"That kid's got some DN's"
by double-a November 25, 2006
An extremely friendly greeting used by an extremely wasted but non-belligerent drunk. May be used to greet friends, strangers, policemen, trees, and imaginary objects. Often used in conjunction with pretty much.
Alex: "Hey dude!"
You: "Who the fuck are you and why did you just run into that tree?"
by double-a November 25, 2006
Slang for a joint.
Dude let's go smoke a jammer.
by double-a November 25, 2006
The act of smoking a bowl (or hopefully multiple bowls) of marijuana. May be incorrectly typed as worling; this usually occurs when one is extremely cranksed.
"I'd totally go bowling right now if I wasn't getting piss tested for probation!"
by double-a November 25, 2006

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