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A contraction of "gleeful" and "evil", describing a state of being where one feels joyously wicked.
1) A gleevil grin spread across his face as he thought about eating the last piece of pie without asking.

2) She gleevilly went about her business, happily crushing men's souls like paper cups.

3) The cat's gleevil demeanor concerned the old man - was Whiskers really trying to bump him off for the inheritance?
by dorkusmaximus March 03, 2009
1. Contraction of 'oceanic' and 'shenanigans'.
2. Hijinx on the High Seas
3. A prank of an aquatic nature
Carol's oceananigans in changing the suite number on Bob was justified after Bob comparing the Captain's wife with a tugboat.
by dorkusmaximus April 12, 2011
1) a contraction of "almost" and "moist"

2) a state of hydration not quite reaching a level of what one would consider "moist", but not exactly dry either
1.a) "The carrot cake was a tad almoist, but still tasty"

1.b) "That dirty martini was almoist perfect - I need another"

2) "Freddy's kisses left her almoist, while Armando's kisses made her wet"
by dorkusmaximus June 16, 2009
Spyentist (n. speye-en-tist)
1. An scientist focused on research and/or development of technologies for espionage
Throughout the James Bond films, Q stands out as the premier spyentist of MI5/6.
by dorkusmaximus October 27, 2011
Adj: the state of sheer abject indifference in a large non-seated crowd
1. He could smell the standemonium as soon as he stepped into the Town Meeting Hall Pre-Meeting Mixer
2. This gathering will require at least a small amount of standemonium in order to keep our audience awake
3. William could not understand the sweeping standemonium in announcing 17 new flavors of the same operating system at Yawnfest3000
by dorkusmaximus April 12, 2011
A contraction of "urban" and "bandaid".

1) The shortsighted fix or cheap update of an urban icon to make it appear in better condition than it really is.
1) The city council decided on the urbandaid of a new coat of paint on the dilapidated park restrooms, rather than fix the broken plumbing and leaky roofs.
by dorkusmaximus February 18, 2010
A contraction of "guitar" and "karma".

1) The karmic return from a guitarist who passes along a guitar to another person

2) The cool vibe emanating from a person who plays guitar

3) Time spent investing in bettering oneself in the craft of guitar playing, yielding positive benefits.
1) The custom of giving your guitar to someone creates good guitarma

2) "Wow, that musician I met at the party had great guitarma"

3) The guitarma of musicians who spend years honing their craft reveals itself in their performances.
by dorkusmaximus February 18, 2010

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