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a deadly cocktail which includes 9cl. of vodka, 3cl.of dry vermouth and 1.5cl. of olive brine! fuckin gorgeous
"i got seriously fucked last nite off 6 dirty martinis!"
by Lousy August 29, 2003
61 17
A sexual act likely performed with a hooker, stripper or some bar slut you just brought home with you.

Mix a martini up and bend your girl over in a doggy style position. Proceed to pour the martini down her ass crack whilst lapping it up in the vaginal/taint area.
Hey guys, lets pick up a hooker or two. Round of Dirty martinis on me!
by thoughtstipated November 17, 2007
34 45
When a girl gets a bottle of grey goose and sticks the end up her vagina then does a hand stand to get it all in there....thats what you call a dirty martini
That chick just made a dirty martini with her own mixes.
by shakeitlilmomma June 15, 2009
15 38