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a chemical that is responsible for "love at first sight"
as explained in charlieissocoolike's video "Chemical Love"
it makes you infatuated with somebody.
it is also the chemical that makes you sort of high and happy.
DUDE 1: "i think i love her"
DUDE 2: "no you don't, you've only known her for like a week."
DUDE 1: "but she's perfect"
DUDE 2: "that's the dopamine talking!"
by dopamineatfirstsight May 24, 2010
not quite a crush
but one with no feelings attached
you've just met and you don't know if you like the person yet. just someone you're considering to be a crush because it's either you don't know them at all or you barely know them. you think the person is cute!
"OOH, you like him don't you?"
"no i don't, he's just a happy crush."
by dopamineatfirstsight May 24, 2010

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