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1 definition by dontworryaboutittttttt

A drinking game played daily at my apartment.

You put a beer in the middle of a table and a deck of cards spread out face down in a circle around said beer.

One by one players draw a card. After drawing a card each person plus place the card under the tab on the beer. The person that makes the beer tab pop has to chug the entire thing.

Each card has a different meaning:

2: is for you. Which means the person that drew the 2 card picks someone else to drink.

3: is for me. Which means the person who drew the 3 card drinks.

4: is for whores. Which means that all the girls playing drink.

5: is for jump ahead. Which means the person that comes next in the circle has to drink.

6: is for dicks. Which means that all the guys playing drink.

7: is for heaven. Whoever draws the seven raises both hands to the sky and every other player has to do so. The last person to raise their hands has to drink. (The player can do this at any time until another seven is drawn.)

8: is for waterfall. The player that draws an 8 starts to drink, followed by every other player one at a time. Everyone must drink until the person to their left puts their drink down.

9: is for bust-a-rhyme. The person who drew a nine picks one word and everyone goes around in a circle saying another word that rhymes. Whoever messes up or repeats a word drinks.

10: is for categories. The player drawing a ten card picks a category (boy bands, shoe brands, types of candy, board games... etc.) And everyone goes around in a circle saying something that belongs in the catgeory. The first to mess up or repeat drinks.

Jack: is for jump back. Which means the person who went right before the player who drew a jack drinks.

Queen: is for beer bitch. The person who draws a queen has to get up and get beer whenever someone needs one. They keep this title until another queen is drawn or until the game is over.

King: is for make a rule. It can be anything... You can't say anyone's name or you have to drink, you can't say drink, drank or drunk or you have to drink... etc. This rule stays until another King is drawn and a new rule is made. (Unless you want to make things interesting and keep all four rules throughout the entire game).

Ace: is a piss card. You may not get up at any point in the game to go to the bathroom unless you have an Ace. If you do not have an ace and someone else does...the person holding the Ace may ask you "Well what will do you do for it?" In which they can make you perform shameless tasks you must perform before you're able to relieve yourself.
"Last night we played Kings Cup and everyone got blitzed".
by dontworryaboutittttttt March 26, 2009
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