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Abbreviation for "Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Fucking Ass Off Mother Fucker"
roflmfaomf dude thats hilarious
by dontspitonme April 20, 2007
As seen in the Hardee's commercials where a burger is plopped upon a flat surface, and all of the meat and condiments jump up and then form the burger again.
Dude, Jim tried a burger bounce yesterday, but he failed and got ketchup all over me.
by dontspitonme November 02, 2007
Riding in the middle seat in the back row of a car, where there may or may not be a bump.
Sally: Not it!
Susy: Not it!
Fred: Aww crap, I guess I'm riding the bump again.
by dontspitonme October 10, 2007

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