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A small cute, delicate creature with a huge cavernous head triple the size of it's tiny body
Did you see that Rys? It looked like an orange on top of a toothpik!
by Donkey October 10, 2003
An alternative list of sexual encounters. The people added to this type of list usually consist of superstars, etc. Basically people you'll never get the chance to have raw animal like sex with.
If an opporttunity to have a sexual encounter were to arise with Van Disel, I would let him pump me full of premium disel.
by donkey September 24, 2003
When one decides it not fun being a good girl all the time, and gives in to sexual temptation. You can still convince yourself it's ok, if you dont cross all lines.
Yeah, I gave in after six years of being a good girl and went for it. Does that make me a bad person?
by donkey September 30, 2003
Sticking a chicks head in the toilet and constantly flushing, by depressing the handle with your left foot (until she begs you for a chili dog) while your balls deep. Also known as brooksn'
She had an attitude when I got home, but a quick trip to the bathroom and a "dippity-doo" had her singing a new tune
by Donkey May 27, 2004
(Also known as Pocquoson Delight)When a chick has a yeast infection that is so bad, that her pubes are crusted up and resemble a fried softshell crab. In order to get to the honey hole, you have to slap two pieces of bread on that thang and eat through the crust like a softshell crab sandwich. The fresh discharge serves as a tartar sauce substitute.
Paddy, upon finding the entrance blocked, reached into his pocket, pulled out two slices of bread, and made himself a "Softshell Crab Sandwich". Two minutes later he was in.
by Donkey June 16, 2004

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