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12 definitions by Donkey

Withdraw so fast (from the back side and often times without lubrication) that what is pulled out looks like a rolled up pink sock. Also known as an inverted starfish.
Dude, the donkey punch didn't knock her out like you said it would; instead she bucked me off so hard that she she gave herself a "pink sock."
by Donkey May 27, 2004
someone who was born with freckles on the end of their knob
God damn man, youve got a frelmet
by donkey June 06, 2004
Sagging vaginal lips. See also Beef Curtain.
She sure knows how to play the spam castanets.
by donkey April 15, 2004
woooooooot faybee rawks!!!!!!!!
yes we all know its true....but i just thort id bring it to every1ns attention
whooooooooaaa....man....faybea rawks
by donkey July 18, 2004
An extremely lame forum consisting of people who posted porn and abuse on the Delta Goodrem forum, and then bragged about getting banned from there.
Huhuhuh, I posted porn on Delta's forum and got banned, so I joined the Lover's Club. I'm such a fucking retard.
by Donkey January 18, 2005
used as a follow up to any statment which may be perceived as odd by others. commonly used by weirdos to express themselves without others judging them. the use of the word what? shows that they themselves do not know what they are 'on' thus the statement is somewhat justified.
how are you, you little munchbunch? what?
....or envelopes and cheese! what?
by donkey April 13, 2005
A small cute, delicate creature with a huge cavernous head triple the size of it's tiny body
Did you see that Rys? It looked like an orange on top of a toothpik!
by Donkey October 10, 2003