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The clitoris
Do you know a slang term for "clitoris"?

Yes. Pearltongue. Pearl tongue
by donJon February 25, 2009
Having an erect penis; having a boner; having a hard on; being on hard
After Mary gave him a lap dance, John was on the bone.
by donJon November 23, 2006
Of a girl or of a woman, to flashby spreading one's thighs, while seated wearing a skirt or a dress, in such a way as to reveal one's crotch or camel toe, whether on purpose or by accident.
If you really want to get a guy's attention, shoot beaver.

That chick behind us is shooting beaver. Take a look.
by donJon June 10, 2006
Supposedly, a Spanish slang term for cocaine. Pronounced _yay yo_, it is said to be the source of "yay," an English slang term for cocaine.
Por favor, ese, dame un hit de llello.
by donJon March 19, 2007
bull-dyke, diesel-dyke
I've been a lesbian a while and you're my first stud-woman. But, if I'm going to be with a stud-woman, I might as well be with a man. I want a REAL woman!
by donJon January 25, 2013
The toothless look on the face of an old person.

Further used to reference anything old.
Grandma is really grinning today.

By the time this pizza arrives I'll be grinning
by donjon May 04, 2007

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