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11 definitions by donh

A portable (laptop) computer manufactured by IBM.
You mean they're trashing my Dell and giving me a goddam Stinkpad?
by DonH October 21, 2003
Calling Clinton a draft-dodger for getting a college deferment, while ignoring the fact that Dubya pulled strings to get himself past thousands of other people on the waiting list for the Texas Air National Guard after scoring in the 25th percentile on his flight test.
With enough media manipulation, people might actually think Governer Bush can find Canada on a map.
by DonH October 02, 2003
Todd Rundgrin's old band - like anyone cares
My Utopia album is older than my kid's English teacher.
by DonH October 02, 2003
Windows 95, 98, or ME
He finally ditched his Wintendo and got a real operating system.
by DonH October 02, 2003