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One of the rappers out of the Rap group The Class Clowns. Often is the most lyrical one out of the group while Lil Stunt is the metaphorical one that loves to compare things. Icee tends to rap about how he is going to earn everything, party, and romance.
Jimmy:Do you know the rap group The Class Clowns?
Armani:Yeah they're dope
Jimmy:Did you hear the new Class Clowns song?
Armani:Yeah I heard Icee went hard on it
by DomoRecords May 09, 2011
A very talented and known music group out of Seattle, Washington. Although not entirely famous yet they have proven they have talent by performing at the Jimi Hendrix Memorial Concert. As a rap group they consist of rappers Icee and Lil Stunt who have been close since the 2nd grade. The Class Clowns show in their songs that Hip Hop/Rap is not even close to dead. Their huge success is just yet to come being only at the age of 16.
Jimmy:Have you heard The Class Clowns new mixtape?
Armani:Yeah they go hard forreal
by domorecords May 09, 2011

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