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A really long road trip.
Man, New York to Los Angeles was a real hard drive.
by Doktorfunk January 15, 2007
Quickly. If something is to be done in short order, philosophers refer to this as being done diggity splits.
"I need that money diggity splits, man"
by Doktorfunk October 14, 2006
Eating a submarine sandwich really fast.
I'm hungry, I need to do some subwoofing.
by Doktorfunk August 10, 2006
A joint that contains marijuana and salvia divinorum.

Generally, salvia is more potent from a bong, or at least a pipe, but the flying V gives a nice, somewhat trippy buzz.
"Bro, you want to smoke this joint?"
"Nah man, let's smoke some salvia."
"How about we roll us a fat flying V?"
by doktorfunk September 29, 2005
Noun: Something that is yours; just for you.

Verb: To claim something as your own.
Example 1: "This is my percy umbrella"

Example 2: "I'm going to percy that pizza."
by Doktorfunk October 14, 2006
Marijuana laced with PCP
Man, I'm ripped. Was that chronic juicy or something?
by doktorfunk October 05, 2005
A Martini is an alcoholic drink made classically with gin and vermouth and served with a green olive (when served with coctail onions the drink is called a "Gibson").

It is served chilled, often by ice in a specific shaker, then drained into the signature-style glass.

The ratio of the two liquids is 5:1 (traditionally, 2 and one half ounces of gin to half an ounce of vermouth) usually, though by changing this, a person can make the drink "drier" (more gin) or "wetter" (less gin) depending on his tastes.

Martinis can also be made with other alcoholic bases, the most common alternative to gin being vodka (often called a Vodka Martini, Vodkatini, or Kangaroo)

Other variations of the Martini centre around the inclusion of other alcohol or flavours in the drink.
Bill: Hey, want to go drinking tonight, you know, pick up a few foaties of Olde English 800?

Steve: Nah, that stuff sucks balls. Let's get some Martinis down at the bar.

Bill: Sweet.
by doktorfunk March 30, 2005

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