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The drunk girl at a party or bar. I don't mean she's had a few drinks, I mean she's HAMMERED. She stumbles around the bar, flashes people, tries to make out with fat guys, etc.

This term is derived from the ham in 'hammered', and the show she puts on.
Chris: Did you see that ham show last night? She tried to stick her tongue down my throat.

Dave: Yeah man, she was trying to get me to grab her boobs.
by doktorfunk September 13, 2005
Richard Nixon.

Since the name Dick has come to be more commonly used as slang for a penis, to say 'Dick Nixon' when referring to the man is sometimes intentionally irreverent or insulting.

Also used as a reference to the penis.
Dick Nixon's the man... in my PANTS.
by doktorfunk October 05, 2005
Pseudo-intelligent slang for 'pot head'

Generally used when attempting to refer to the fact without directly stating it. Mostly used by people who don't feel secure in their use of the plant, and want to keep it on the down-low.
Tim's Father: Well, you know, I caught Tim smoking some marijuana the other day. It's been ages since I did it.

Bill's Father: I gotta admit, I was quite the botanical hedonist back in the day...

Tim's Father: Huh?
by doktorfunk October 05, 2005
A line of coke.

You know, you gotta lean over to get at it.
Joey: Ey man, hit up this leaner?

Ted: Definately
by doktorfunk November 01, 2005
A media player controller extension for FireFox.
Foxytunes controls many media players from within the browser window, meaning you don't have to switch over to your player in order to skip tracks, adjust volume etc.

Can be skinned to match your Firefox skin, but there are fewer skins for Foxytunes than for Firefox, so it doesn't always work.
www.iosart.com/foxytunes/firefox/ to download this excellent extension.
by doktorfunk October 11, 2005
Used to describe a person or persons who are bred for ganja.

This is usually a compliment, and indicates that the recipient can handle smoking large amounts of marijuana without becoming an amusement for his friends.
Steve: "Man, I'm like, so high, you know, it's like the world's just rotating around me, man"

Nick: "Ok, you're too high to smoke this next spliff, come on Bill"
Bill: "Alright ganjabreed, let's smoke that shit."
by doktorfunk October 02, 2005
As one might guess, the term is a portmanteau of the words navigate and gazing.

When you are navigazing, you are paying more attention to the environment around you than to where you are actually going. This state of being is generally useful when you have time to kill or simply enjoy looking at the world around you.
I was navigazing around and I totally wound up in Vegas.
by Doktorfunk June 20, 2006
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