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1. Possibly the next best thing to prostitution.

2. A type of business in Japan that resembles an escort service. However, the hosts are male, service is very expensive, and does not offer sex. Rather, it is more like paying an incredibly good looking guy to go on a date with you and flirt relentlessly. Kissing, cuddling, and holding hands may or may not be allowed depending on the club you go to. Host club generally cater to women, but can also entertain other men.

3. A place where good looking men from about 18-25 years of age can become hosts. They can quite often make a killing depending how popular they are.

4. The female equivalent is a hostess club.
That guy is so handsome that he could be in a host club!

The prices for champagne at that host club were outragous; ¥10,000 ($115) per glass!
by doinuma45 August 09, 2010

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