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There are five words beginning with "O" that you must avoid while driving. Failure to avoid them WILL eventually result in disaster.

-Out of town
-On the phone
The 70 year old asian woman had out of state plates and was busy yakking on the phone when she rammed my Ferarri. I am distraught, but I have only myself to blame since she was the living, breathing embodiment of the Five O's of Driving and I did not immediately leave the area.
by dogstar May 05, 2009
A vastly overweight, ugly model of the supra, meant to increase appreciation of the MkII and MkIV supras.

Came turbocharged in a somewhat effective method to make up for battleship style weight and bulk.
A MkIII supra is also known as a "piggy"
by dogstar May 26, 2004

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