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The end of all civilization as we know it.
With the advent of the Jersey Shore on MTV, New Jerseyans have permanently secured their place as the laughing stock of this nation.
by dogsread31 January 02, 2011
The annoying ass video site that usually only lets you watch movies at 70 something minutes a time.

The site to fall back on when ALL HOPE IS LOST for finding that movie to watch online. -if you don’t believe in torrents.

That is, if you don’t know how to reset your I.P. Address.
Christ! Now I have to wait.
Damn you Megavideo!!
by dogsread31 February 14, 2011
My dream job.

One who gives male porn stars blow jobs - before the fun starts.
Doctor, lawyer, engineer, or movie star? Nah. I'll be a fluffer.

Make my parents proud. :)

A job? Son what's that?

Oh it's nothing. Just giving male porn stars blow jobs, that's all.
by dogsread31 January 02, 2011
For dumbass people who can’t figure out how to find movies online.
The internet? You say, I can find movies?

Nah. I'm gonna be smart. With Netflix: I'll "pay" to watch a movie.
by dogsread31 February 14, 2011
A term used to describe how much you love your grandma.
Granny, let me give you fellatio.

Not now, sonny. It's 7 a.m. and i needa go to sleep.
by dogsread31 January 02, 2011
Chuck Norris is going to DESTROY you for looking up his definition here.
Chuck Norris: What the fuck, he’s lookin’ at urban dictionary, doesn’t know who the fuck I am?! I’m coming over their house RIGHT NOW to beat the shit out of them!!

Chuck Norris is GOD.
by dogsread31 January 02, 2011

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