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a girl who is pretty attractive, but her hotness is ruined by the fact taht whenever you see her in public she is too drunk to function and is smashed beyond uselessness. she often becomes the object of all jokes but, being the drunk slut she is, does not realize it which creates fun for everyone
Guy 1: Hey i saw megan higgins last night.
Guy 2: Was she passed out face down in some gutter?
Guy 1: Yea, what a drunk slut!!
by doesnt matter January 04, 2004
K9 dating back to the 1500's.
French Police Dog.
Did you see that Beauceron tear off and eat that guys scrotum and then proceed to piss on him to mark him as his territory when he tried to break in that house?
by doesnt matter January 02, 2005
a stupid black guy who live in arkansas who fucking sucks in sof2 cant aim for shit and is dumb as fuck.
Teddy Wilson
by doesnt matter July 13, 2003
When a women uses her dildo so fast that u cannot see it any more means it is a thunderstick
Dave watches mary use her thunderstick so fast that he could see it any he about blew his load all over her
by doesnt matter April 29, 2004
Having sex without penetration; where the penis only touches the vagina but does not enter it.
Kyle was heavy petting her last night.

Comment submitted with Request to Delete: "I am the CEO of a company called "Heavy Petting Corp".
We are the nation's leading supplier of dog mits.

We believe that this defintion defiles our family-values, and wish that you take this definition down ASAP before we file a law suit against UrbanDictionary.com
by Doesnt Matter July 03, 2003

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