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Poorly made porcelain caps on front teeth. Fake looking white caps on front teeth. They resemble the color and shape of white Chiclet's chewing gum.
You can see Jim's chiclets from across the room. He needs a new dentist.
by doclagoa March 21, 2006
English (U.K.) for "right away". Immediately.
I'll leave for work straight away.
by doclagoa March 21, 2006
Having to go to the bathroom. Used when travelling in a car and requesting the driver to stop at a restroom.
I drank too much water before we left that now I need a pit stop
by doclagoa March 22, 2006
Situation in which you are long past the working time of your deodorant, you start to get B.O., and the armpits of your shirt get wet.
It was so hot in that meeting room today that I'm all pitted out.
by doclagoa March 22, 2006
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