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5 definitions by docelch

A place full of jews.
Ryan went to a flee-market hoping to wheel and deal only to leave empty handed because it was a jewpalooza.
by docelch September 12, 2011
A cubicle that is owned or inhabited by a Jew
Jerry the Jew works all day in his jewbicle.
by docelch September 11, 2011
being a deuche above all other dueches
That asshat is a real dueche rocket with his duechey ways
by docelch September 12, 2011
A hoes-hound is a woman; Typically one that is wanted by men.
Look at the fun bags on that hoes-hound!
by docelch September 12, 2011
Dutch or North German: from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements agile ‘edge’, ‘tip’ (of a sword) + hard ‘hardy’, ‘bold’. This name is found chiefly in OH.
Elchert from north Germany composes the elements of edge and tip of sword and being hard, hardy or bold.
by docelch September 12, 2011