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4 definitions by docLove

A term used to express affirmation or satisfaction of something a fellow bro has done.

Should be used in lieu of attaboy if the bro is of mature age (as in not a boy) or just if you're just bros like that.
"Dude, I finished 12 tacos in 5 minutes!"

by docLove June 11, 2012
3 1
Noun. Oral sex behol
I was getting that be-be bobity
by DocLove November 16, 2003
2 1
Verb. The act of stealing another guy's girl
I bandited Jimmy's girl
by DocLove November 16, 2003
4 12
Noun. A good looking girl
That is some coot over there
by DocLove November 16, 2003
6 20