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This involves two people, person one will lay facing the ground with their ass in the air over person two, then person one will cup their hands under their butt hole. Next person one will let loose their bowls and this makes a "bowl of chili" in their hands. Person one will then drop this bowl on the face of the unsuspecting victim. This works best with a watery diarrhea, not solid excrement.
"Derek gave Kevin a Mexican Chili Bowl, he shouldn't have fallen asleep"
by dobe2049 December 07, 2008
Any unpleasant odor, most commonly associated with old people.
We need to leave this restaurant, It smells like fingolroy.
by dobe2049 December 04, 2009
A greeting like "hello". Jacow can also be used in place of "good bye"
"Greg said jacow to Kenny when to two meat for the first time."

"Jacow, and thank you for calling, how can I help you?"

by dobe2049 December 07, 2008

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