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the poser's answer to metal
Poser1:Yo, I'm this music is so raw, its like saying "fuck you" to the corperate world
Poser2:Your cell phones ringing
by Dnite April 14, 2003
When a person is in a place of submission to another dominate person. More commonly used to humiliate a man because of a woman. The whipped term is used to be reference to how Slave master whipped their slaves and denied them any free will.
"you tool, she's got you whipped!"
by Dnite February 21, 2003
rippingly rapid riffs, mach 9 beats, and a tendency toward thrashing throttle vocals
Slayer, Testament, Venom
by Dnite April 14, 2003
close close cousin of sludge, etc. with a penchant for working class lyrics, down home riffs, and much much resin to slow the rock.
Monster Magnet, Corrosion of Conformity
by Dnite April 14, 2003
It is used to compare something where the <blank> in question is more fun than the comparative <blank>
The Rollarcoster is funner than bumper cars
by Dnite February 21, 2003
the new-school cousin of death, grind core serves its skate punk audience up with a metallic break from the Sex Pistols. grind your trucks the skate board's axel. hardcore.
Napalm Death, Spazz, Soilent Green, Nasum
by Dnite April 14, 2003
as know as doom or stoner metal. imagine slinking through dense pools of electrically charged sludge; or put yourself in that years-old pot-smoked-out haze as you slide deeper into the electrically charged couch. that's the time signature we're dealing with here -- a pleasant blend of the lethargic and the 'lectric. these guys bow before black sabbath.
Neurosis, Kyuss, Warhorse, Melvins
by Dnite April 14, 2003

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