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A famous hero of the Guardia kingdom. Often seen fighting alongside Glenn against the forces of Magus and Ozzie. He died in 600 A.D. After obtaining the Masamune at the Mystic Mountian, but his spirit still remains to bless all bearers of the dreamstone blade.
"Cyrus has left to find the Masamune and defeat Magus once and for all"
"If only Cyrus were here"
by dnb February 19, 2003
A creature or being that feeds off the destruction of meaningful thought process. Oftentimes a host of a Blargonaut will be plagued with forgetfulness, blank stares, and an inability to maintain meaningful conversation. The reason behind the frusterated statement: Blarg!
"And as you can see after taking the inverse of the....wait...Blarg!!"
"He must have Blargonauts..."
by dnb February 19, 2003

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