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A scrotum, the sack that holds the testicles.
Man, Billy is annoying, I dropped my sackola on his face while he was sleeping.
by Dmo86 December 21, 2010
A drink of liquor. While the term 'sip' is used within the word, generally a sipper-snapper can be a drink as large as a 711 Big Gulp cup.
Jesus: Yo whats good with those bitches?

Dennis: They wanna chill around 11 tonight at some ritzy ass club, we should go grab some cheap sipper-snappers before we go to save some money.
by dmo86 April 02, 2011
Another word for the club drug Ecstasy. Term is specifically used by members of the DeJesus syndicate in Brooklyn and other Dominicans throughout the greater NYC and Miami areas.
:Yo Junior you got any peppas?
by dmo86 April 02, 2011
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