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the best motherfuckin band ever, they play punk and they been around for a hella long time, and they still rock.
"i've met some people along the way some of em split some of em stay some of them walk some walk on by i've got a few friends i love till i die"
by dmitry February 07, 2005
Any male who takes an interest in sucking and/or fondling other males' cocks.
Qarxu just can't keep himself away from Mhalgrim's cock: what a cockgoblin!
by Dmitry November 19, 2003
shortly after changing your password to your email or what ever you keep entering your old password out of habit instead of the new one.
Damn it, since I changed my password to my email I keep typing in my pastword
#password #email #lame #gmail #bank
by dmitry December 23, 2008
1.PSychology IS FUn TO LEarn
Something my psychology teacher did to trick the class where she showed the word then we had to remember it. In the end it related to memory and how it's grouping to remember something. or something like that.

2. To have the properties of a PSISFUTO
PSISFUTOLE is a use of mnemonics!
#psychology #memory #industrial #design #industrial design
by dmitry December 12, 2005
The Chunky Chuckle is when someone is laughing so hard that they vomit. Or the vomit and begin to laugh while doing so.
Dude this guy was walking down the street wearing a jean jacket, tight black pants, walking with a crazy swagger, and listening to imaginary music and it was soo funny I Chunky Chuckled in Pizza Pizza
by Dmitry April 07, 2005
the male form of shway. Shwah is awesome. it is the word all ska fans should use.
Dude that was so shwah.
Yeah i have been working on my skanking technique for a while.
by dmitry June 13, 2004
Pensive is an awesome "diet punk" band from San Diego California. They have an awesome unique sound. A blend between awesome riffs and catchy lyrics. They are every fans dream, they have an AWESOME street team and are very friendly to all their fans and are intact with their core.
You know that band pensive you should check out their site at www.pensive.net
by Dmitry July 07, 2004
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