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frisian slang word for joint/jonko
tiid foar in baab(time for a joint)
by djonkoman May 12, 2010
dutch/frisian slang for chugging (the remaining of) a glass/bottle of an alcoholic beverage(beer, liquor)
it's a verb, most often used without last n because it's slang
I/ik at
you/jij at
he/she/hij/zij at
we/wij atten
you/jullie atten
they/zij atten

wij hebben geat/we have geat

note: a is pronounced differently in dutch as in english
person 1 is drinking a beer
person 2: atte atte!
person 3 joins in yelling atte
person 1 chugs what's remaining of the beer
by djonkoman May 12, 2010

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