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If someone needs to pass on the chocolate cake, it means that they're a little hefty and need to lose a little weight. Could also imply pre-diabetic-ness.
Man, Tanner is packing the pudge lately... I think he needs to pass on the chocolate cake.
by DJMinkus December 07, 2009
1) The act of brainstorming words and short phrases that could be used as names for creative works. Phrasestorming is far too fun for the good of its participants. Like all brainstorming, phrasestorming inevitably creates some byproducts of very low quality.
I was phrasestorming to come up for a name for my band when I phrasestormed the word phrasestorm.
by djminkus September 14, 2010
When two people put their lips around the shaft of a penis, forming a "tunnel."
Cindy and Sharah got together with Cody and gave him the Lip Tunnel of Love.
by djminkus November 13, 2010
A total ripoff of The Flood from halo... erm, a hostile alien species from the game Dead Space that are able to possess corpses and reanimate them in grotesquely monstrous forms.
Dude, they're necromorphs.

Watch out for the *bleep*ing necromor--Oh God.
by DJMinkus October 19, 2008

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