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A shady person is someone who does not keep it real; a person who hides out; a person who keeps things to themselves.
Damn girl I ain't seen you in forever. You are shady as hell

Quit being shady and let me hit!
by djlongdong April 12, 2004
Apparently people do not know the real meaning of "sold out"

Sold out is when a person promises you something then backs out. That person is then a sell out.
Hey man, you was suspose to ride with us. Can't believe you sold out.

What a fucking sell out, you was suspose to give me them gold clubs

You are sold out because it is cold out!
by djlongdong April 12, 2004
A male organ, called a penis. A man's best friend, it's the thrilla manilla!
Honey, lay your head right here on my third leg; he won't bite.
by djlongdong April 12, 2004
A geek, nerd, very goofy and is just not cool at all.
Look at that pilgram with that "Al Borlin" shirt on.
by djlongdong April 12, 2004

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