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a Miter box is a guide in wich you slide your man tool through.
You are bangin your girl from behind and you proceed to use her ass as if it where a Miter box until you blow your load on her back, Hense the term The Miter box
#ass #cum #box #back #girl
by djd1 May 09, 2006
Crezt Whitening Strip is a hybrib of the dirty sanchez
when you are doin your girl from behind and you proceed to blow your load up her ass, take two fingers in a hook fashion pull some of your man juice out and wipe it across her teeth like a crezt whitening strip hence the definition cezt whitening strip.
#ass #teeth #cum #woman #finger
by djd1 May 09, 2006
a cough after suckin a mean dick that produces a bad taste
Your chick is smokin your bone you blow your load in her trap and she proceeds to cough on the bad taste and paste.like a smokers cough after a haul on a cigarette.
#cum #mouth #girl #cock #smoke
by djd1 May 09, 2006
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