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The world's most recognizable superhero.
"It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Superman!"
by DJD December 20, 2003
The most awesome X-men ever! Nightcrawler's real name is Kurt Wagner. He is german and a former circus acrobat. He is also a superb fencer and athlete and has extremely strong faith.

Is 5'9, blue fur, yellow eyes, three fingered hands and toes.

His main power is teleportation (BAMF) but also has other abilities such as 'sticking' to walls and seeing in the dark.

Also my idol. :)
"Have you seen X2? Maaaaaaaaan nightcrawler is awesome"
by DJD December 20, 2003
the brother of a very attractive sister.
"maaaaaaaaaaaaaan juji's sister is fine"
by DJD December 20, 2003
(G)o (G)et (F)ucked

Can be said out loud only if teachers are around. Otherwise it is quite lame to do so.
"Dude, you suck"
by DJD December 20, 2003
A bisexual penis that is interested in both vagina's and anuses (male love holes).
"I just got bummed by a curious penis!"
by DJD December 20, 2003
An anus that has had repeated orgasms and is now dripping with anus orgasm liquid.
"I fucked that guy so hard, he had a soggy anus for hours"
by DJD December 20, 2003
A nob that is tender and ready to explode.

Can also be described as juicy.

Nobs become ripe and explode. When they explode cheese comes out. Explosion occurs after nibbling.
Swift - "i have a riper nob if you like a bite"
by DJD December 20, 2003
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