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Common nickname given to the city of Berkeley, California, poking fun at the perception that it is a place of extreme social activism (especially for causes that do not get nationalwide recognition), liberalism, and having an aging hippy population.
Person A: I can't believe that homeless man had a sign up that read 'Please spare change for pot!'.

Person B: Well this is Berserkeley after all.
by dizzyditz December 19, 2005
Mistranslation of the word "Hobbit" found in Asian pirated versions of the recent "Lord of the Rings Trilogy". Common error due to translation into a foreign language and then back again into English: see Engrish for further details.
"We are not oaks we are hobiks." (Re: We are not orcs, we are hobbits)
by dizzyditz December 19, 2005

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