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Sorry to sound emo but... it is most commonly when you get dumped and you try to hide the sorrow or whatever, and youre like... "im over it"... but you really arent.

Or... if you ARENT emo... then it means youre done w/ something, like.. ahh screw that.
person one: im sorry i broke your guitar.
person two: its ok, im over it. oh ok. im lying. you fruitstick, buy me a new guitar!
by dizzLe April 24, 2004
Most Dangerous Nigga Wit' Beef
You don't wanna be steppin' to him, he's the M.D.N.W.B.
by DIZZLE November 05, 2003
weed, Kibbles and bits, greens
How we gonna get that chicken?
by dizzle March 16, 2005
A bong.
After I hit that bizzle I was smacked.
by Dizzle February 21, 2004
A New Yorker with a heart of gold and testicles of bronze. Known for making movies and providing emotional, physical, and sometimes sensual support for the elderly and poverty-stricken Pilipino boys. Smells of waffles and occasionally hangs large phallic objects from trees. Should not be trusted.
I'm pro-abortion because of Faceman.
by Dizzle April 14, 2005
a mixture between crotch and butt.
"dude ur room smeels like botch!"
by dizzle February 28, 2005
a little chub on a woman..more cushin for the pushin
i was banging heather so hard i grabbed her sex meat as i nutted in her ass
by dizzle May 23, 2004

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