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noun: A period of time in which one becomes so incredibly and undeniably intoxicated that they are brought to public shame by their ridiculous actions. A shame spiral is only a true shame spiral if all 3 conditions are met:

(A) Intoxication
(B) Nudity
(C) Crying

Shame spirals also often include pain, drama, screaming, dancing on furniture, promiscuity, loss of valuables, and damage to one's reputation.

Let it be known that bad shame spirals often happen to good people. They can last anywhere from one night to several years.

Symbolized by a swirly thingy and a sad face.
A morning-after example:

Gina: Hey, did you call me this morning?
Cory: Yeah dude, can you bring me a bra? I can't find mine.
Gina: Um.. you're at work.
Cory: Yes. Last night was a fuckin shame spiral.
by divitoooh April 03, 2006

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