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4 definitions by diton

the hotest thing to take off a girl
yo dude see the girl in the plaid skirt id fuck 6 times to suday
by diton March 15, 2008
12 3
a ska band that used to be realy fucking good but they are not as ska any more and have less horns. they kind of sold out
less than jake is awesome
by diton May 10, 2008
6 12
some one who is half sicilian and half northern italian. it is very offensive and can split apart a nieghbor hood
idon't want my daughter dating a half breed.
by diton March 30, 2008
22 57
The secret gang of river side. its named after the hotel room the founding fathers stayed in o thier dc trip.
man don't mess with them they in 416
by Diton December 15, 2007
10 67