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2 definitions by dismal_scientist

A sexual maneuver where “Edward” simultaneously gives the shocker to two girls so that he resembles Johnny Depp's character Edward Scissorhands in the 1990 movie of the same name.

Additional flair can be added by reciting quotes from the movie during the act such as, “I thought this was shish kabob.”

Advanced practitioners may also employ Sven’s technique of “cross-pollination” by swapping hands between girls, thus transferring pollen from an anther of the flower of one plant to a stigma of the flower of another plant.
Chris should order extra round pillows for his room at the Marriott, so that he can invite two girls back and go Edward Scissorhands on them.
by dismal_scientist July 31, 2006
Jemima's last name. Aunt Jemima's full name is Aunt Jemima Forschylma.
"Jemima is a first name? What kind of last name goes with that? 'Jemima Forschylma'? That's the only thing that will balance it out."

by dismal_scientist December 02, 2004