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51 definitions by diseased sheep

A oversized slurpee mug sold at 7-11 stores for about $10, it holds 1.5 liters of slurpee and will keep it cold for hours. Is complete with a handle and tight fitting lid, and refills are only $1.12 Canadian after tax.
Let's go to sev and fill up my X-treme Gulp!
by diseased sheep July 11, 2006
8 2
what you will have if you dont wash your hands after using the washroom, and then going straight to the computer.
dude your keyboard is soo germinated i can see the germs!
by diseased sheep July 29, 2005
7 2
how east indian people say "motherfucker", you'll probably hear this after not paying your cab fare.
**Jake hops in cab**

Cab Driver: "Where du you wandt to go?"

Jake: "Uhh, the mall"

**arrives at mall, Jake books it**

Cab Driver: "Heh, gut bakk here Muddarfukkar!"
by diseased sheep October 02, 2006
9 5
when a sports team goes to one of the players houses and smokes a bunch of pot, or does mushrooms.
were going to lewis' for a team sesh on wednesday!
by diseased sheep July 28, 2005
8 4
Snow skating is like snowboarding except you ride a board similar to a skateboard that doesn't have bindings. Snow Skaters usually ride smaller hills than if they were on a snowboard, its a more free style way to snowboard.
Hey do you guys wanna go snow skating this afternoon?

Yeah we'll build a half pipe in my backyard!
by diseased sheep July 12, 2006
7 4
when you see what poeple are planing behind you (planing to hurt or do something to you), becasue you can see their shadows.
Ian and Phil: **Showing actions of hurting Thomas**
Thomas: "HEY, i can see you shadow planing!"
Ian: "Dammit!"
by diseased sheep November 04, 2005
5 2
Operation O is a day dedicated to weed, people put money together and buy an ounce of weed. They sit at someones house and smoke it all, usually starting at 12:00 pm. It also could mean a day when everyone buys and ounce to themselves.
"We're pulling Operation O on saturday at Drake's"
by diseased sheep July 12, 2006
4 2