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51 definitions by diseased sheep

A disgusting condidtion similar to sacne except the zits/pimples are on the shaft of ones penis, usually on the backside.
Rebecca: "Can i give you head?"

Brendan: "YES MAME!"

Rebecca: "EWWWW, shaftne!!!"

**girl runs away in horror**

Brendan: "Curse you shaftne!"
by diseased sheep July 11, 2006
A phone in most homes that allows the talker to walk around freely without having to worry about cords and not leaving his/her 3 foot radius which the cord limits them to.
I have a cordless phone, so does my friend.
by diseased sheep July 12, 2006
Diarrhea casued by ingesting a large amount of slurpee, usually a X-Treme Gulp. The slurpee goes right through body becasue there is little to actually digest, it is a extremely runny fluid that comes out easily, sometimes is coloured the same as the slurpee.
Ben: "Wow, that was a good slurpee!"

Mitch: "Yeah I'm done too."

Mitch: "AHHH, Slurhea!!!"

**Runs to washroom**

Ben: "What the fuck, that was fast!"
by diseased sheep July 11, 2006
a weed smoking utensil made of a 2 liter pop bottle. like a lung you put a bowl on the top. also you make a hole at the bottom. you fill the bottle with water and the bowl with weed, cover the hole with your thumb. when you start to light the weed release your thumb from the hole and the water will being to drain casuing the chamber to fill with smoke.
We smoked a waterfall yesterday, it gives you fucking huge rips.
by diseased sheep July 10, 2006
Easy to say abbreviation for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Hey wanna play some San Han?

by diseased sheep July 09, 2006
A sport which involves catching fish with a fishing rod, you sit and wait until a stupid unsuspecting fish bites onto your bait, then you reel him in and most likey cut him open and fillet his ass.
fishing is a fucking boring yet relaxing sport.
fish are tasty.
by diseased sheep July 09, 2006
Urbandictionary.com, enough said.
urban dictionary is the best slang dictionary ever, period.
by diseased sheep August 09, 2005