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6 definitions by disABALa

An establishment located in plazas and sometimes traditional malls. Mr.Kohl "pioneered" a method where the registers are at the front like a grocery store but since then this technique has ineffective because current management believes that having only one worker on the registers is sufficient. Because of their lack of insight this leads to a constant "barrage of backup to mens!", "backup to womans!", "There is no line at jewelry!",etc over the intercom.Most of the time even despite the lack of workers at the register the reason for the hold up at the register is because of the employees who participate in long drawn out conversations with customers about the great "deals" they have. The main reason for the delays at the register, however; is due to the company's credit policy. Each Manager is bred and trained into credit "whores" where their main existence is to bully and pester customers into signing up for credit cards where they charge a fee of 20% if your late on your payment.$100, you pay $120. If the customer says no they don't want a credit card in the manual an employee supposed to say, "Are you sure you have an opportunity to save up to 12 times a year" and if that doesn't work in a desperation move an employee is then supposed to ask if they would like to sign up for an email account. Kohls prides itself in a yes we can! policy i.e. if you bring a shirt to the register and say its 20 bucks but on the register it says the actual price is 30 they are supposed to give it to you for 20. Actually because the people working at the registers believe they have some divine duty to not give anyone a deal add to the increased barrage of people on the intercom by calling for employees to see if that is the actual price. Continuing their credit whore policy it is common for a manager to go on the intercom and plea for customers to sign up for a credit card and describing the "benefits", these can last up to 3 minutes. Even though the sounds emitting over the intercom can sound like nails on a chalkboard some would argue that its a better then the atrocious music that plays such favorites as "All in this Together" - Ben LeeOne day on an 8 hour shift this song played a total of three times inducing nausea.Kohls attempts to justify their credit whoring by saying that it benefits everyone including employees because each employee receives a meager stock option after a year of employment and it will help increase that value;however, most employees don't even survive their 90 day training period let alone a year. An employee also only receives an increase of 50 cents to their paycheck for each credit card whored. The job pays bad especially in comparison to other similar retail establishments in the same class some even offer commission. Every Kohls is always understaffedgranted a lot of employees quit this shortage leads to a lack of customer service and a pigpen of a store. To add salt to the wound every week their is a customer service report card and the common complaint is lack of available associates, The managers then manipulate this statistic by putting the blame on employees saying they are not wearing their name badge or they don't smile and say hi to each customer. Kohl's does however offer cheap merchandise albeit at the expense of its employees so it is a good place to find a deal.That being said as an employee the workplace at Kohl's left me with a pessimistic outlook on life and since my termination from the company i feel like a changed individual.Oftentimes work experience will help you become a better worker but Kohls has managed to put me in a worse position then before i started.
Franklin: "Ayy brahhhh why'd yous get fired from Kohls?"

Leonard: " Cuz, i got caught spitting game at a girl for twenty minutes on the camera but I dont really care because i hated that place."

Franklin: " Damn,...that bad huh"

Leonard: "The job has probably shortened my life expectancy..."
by disABALa April 13, 2008
video game developer located in Encino, California which is popular for its call of duty games notably call of duty 4.
LeVon="yo whatchu know bout infinity ward bluh"

Charles= "you mean those west coast niggas that made call of duty 4?...there sick as hell"

Webster="yo whatchu know bout treyarch"

LaBarack="dog dont ruin my high man..."
by disABALa June 23, 2008
A cigar ridden of its original tobacco filling, and then refilled with another substance, usually cannabis.
Marcus: "Yo, nig shitz you got a swisher let me get a hit..."
LaTroy: "nah, nigga its a modified cigar and your ass doesn't have five on it"
by disABALa April 12, 2008
Ashlee Simpson,musician and little sister of Jessica Simpson
"Yo dog whatchu think bout Ashlee Simpson?"
"Asimp...id hit it"
by disABALa April 13, 2008
living in California and kicking it with your friends...oftentimes cannabis is involved.bros before hoes.
Charelton: "yo, i cant believe you would get in a car with four dudes thats some gay shit cuh"

LeTerrel: "nah we were hotboxing nigga, we were keepin it west coast"
by disABALa July 08, 2008
Call of duty 4 is homo game, all the l33t uber snip3r PwNrs get you as soon as you go out in the open, on numerous occasions i respawned and was shot instantly, you cant kill people on your own team, but probably most importantly you cant kill people on your own team.....in fact the only game that can be worse then call of duty 4 is probably flip cup a shoddy and disrespectful ripoff of beer pong that fails in all most every aspect....
Marcus: "Ay dog how come you never accept my game invites for COD4 Call of Duty 4 them graphix are ill and i shoot these niggas lights out like lebron james"

LaTroy: " yous a bitch and suck at halo i only like the campaign and you cannot play it co-op over xbox live, also if i was at your house if i wanted to play over xbox live with you i could not because the game does not allow for guests, the matchmaking sucks because everyone is clumped together in a mass orgy of noobs and h4rdc0r3 gamers, hit me up when gears 2 comes out my nig"

Marcus: "Damn dog i feel you as long as gears of war 2 doesnt include that korean guy and that dude with the mask for COG, their bitches"

LaTroy: "yea thats probably the only thing COD4 Call of duty 4 has going for it that it doesn't include Kim, and Carmine but it doesnt have Cole train you dig

Marcus: "here comes the train!"
by disABALa April 13, 2008