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The phenomenon of morally-dubious females gathering around a man who is flashing large amounts of cash in a club
When Sy cracked open that sixth bottle of Cristal the hozone layer was like 6 bitches deep, yo
by dirtychef July 18, 2010
A half-used tampon which, due to it's incomplete insertion, has only expanded at the top
"I can't believe that club skank left a chef's hat in my kitchen"

After the Romanian Girl Guides left the hostel all that remained were 5 chef's hats clinging precariously to the ceiling.
by dirtychef July 18, 2010
The turd tide-line residing on one's (typically but not excluded to) index finger after having been removed from one's or A.N.Other's anus.
- "If you liked it, then you should've put a ring on it."
- "Are you forgetting the Kobe Doughnut?"

- "That's not just a bad paint job you're looking at on the toilet walls..."
- "Whoa - that's like, Kobe Doughnuts drawn with, like, Kobe Doughnuts!"
- "Yeah..."
by dirtyChef November 25, 2013

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