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3 definitions by dirp

The tasty cereal made with your choice of cereal and dingleberries.
Mmmm Fuzzy Frosted Dingleberry Puffs. My favorite.
Your fuzzy Frosted Dingleberry Puffs are rotten.
by dirp June 22, 2006
When someone gives you a strudel and you get them back by kicking them in the ass as hard as you can.
That strudel hurt but I bet that brutal strudel was worse.

If you give me a strudel, you get the brutal strudel!
by dirp January 02, 2007
The feces stuck in the hairs of the rectum chopped up and put into cereal.
Hey I got some fresh dingle sprinkles!
Got any Fuzzy Frosted Dingle Sprinkles?
by dirp June 21, 2006