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Rainbow jizz was originally thought up to be the coolest thing ever,
and to outdo purple jizz.
It is often used to burn someone really bad, but can also be used as a complement.
If you're trying to pick a chick, it works pretty well, also.
Gina:"how about that guy?"
Kaila:"ewww! Fuck no, i wouldn't fuck that guy if he had rainbow jizz."

Gina:"What about him?"
Kaila:"Oh he's so hot, he's better than rainbow jizz."

As a pick up:
Micheal:"I jizz rainbows."
And the babymaking begins
by dinosaursgorawr March 09, 2008
A sammich is NOT a sandwich.
It is pure delight spread between two pieces of bread.
Sammiches should make the person eating them very happy.
Sammiches are not sold anywhere,
they must be made by a person specificly for whoever is consuming them.
The bread should look very cartoonish.
Peter:"aww man, im all sad today."
kaite:"ohhh. I'll make u a sammich."
by dinosaursgorawr March 11, 2008
Babymaking is supposed to be sex souly for the purpose of making babies, but it has now been dirtied up and mean really dirty kinky sex.
Karen:"last night, i swear to god, my roommate was babymaking for six hours straight!"
by dinosaursgorawr March 09, 2008
seemingly something a child would do or like,
but when more closely examend, turns out to be something a somewhat childish person would like.
james: "i was chillin' and watching cartoons, abd i was just like, this is so childly."
by dinosaursgorawr March 24, 2008
Cartoonish is childly and delightful,
like cupcakes and sammiches.
it doesn't mean like a cartoon, though.
Cartoons are childly, just not delightful.
kaelyn:"oh i just love my cupcake, with its cartoonish frosting."
by dinosaursgorawr March 24, 2008
Purple jizz is that purple stuff in your friend's "peanut butter and jelly sammich."
It has no harmful effects, and it takes like jelly, but it is purple jizz.
purple jizz is also one-upped by rainbow jizz.
Megan:"Anyone want my peanut butter and jelly sammich?
John:"I'm not in the mood for purple jizz today."
by dinosaursgorawr March 09, 2008

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