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Pete Mandelson (as in Peter Mandelson, heavyweight politician of the UK), refers to MDMA when one is talking about drugs on the telephone.

Can also be: Pete, Peter, Mandelson.
Drug Dealer: 'Hello'.

Buyer: 'EZ geez, was wondering if Pete Mandelson was about, and what color suit is he wearing?'.

DD: 'Yea he is chief, and he's sporting a lovely champagne number'.
by dinnum2010 January 04, 2010
To cheat on your partner preemptively, in order to not feel quite as bad when they inevitably turn out to be capable of the same.
I've just split up from the missus after she slept with my brother. But it's fine, I insurance cheated with her cousin at her best friends wedding when we first met. And I didn't use anything either.
by dinnum2010 January 04, 2010
Look at him.

Used typically in Exeter, Devon, South West England
"Ark at e!".
by dinnum2010 January 05, 2010
Don't they.

Used typically in South West England (Devon) by locals.
'Dems youngerns loves it dinnum'.
by dinnum2010 January 04, 2010
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