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a shit-stain/streak left on the bottom of the toilet after dropping a dook and flushing. doodoo browns is capable of lasting though several flushes, as it is the essence of a greasy, thus water resistant doodoo ball.
After a late night of tacos and beers, Quinten nearly unleashed a mighty assbomb on the bus ride home. upon making it home he exploded shit into the toilet, leaving a doodoo bowns in Sarahs toilet.
Sarah: you left a massive doodoo fucking browns on my shit!!
Quinten: FUCK!!!! WHYYY!!!!
by dinkly November 19, 2006
Referring to a Police Officer(or PO-lice, the fuzz, and/or sketchy-ass douche), that is here to bring abrupt ending to a party of under-age drinkers, take your weed and break your bong, or to simpley make any scene in general, significantly more sketchy/unsafe. Ditch, upon sighting a po-tron, or you will probably get your shit straight haggled with.
One night while binge drinking in Jimothys shack, a po-tron bum rushed the back do'. upon shitting my pants, we were forced to immediately ditch.
by dinkly November 19, 2006
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