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an extremly small town where EVEYONE knows EVERYONES business,girls are the biggest sluts,guys are the most immiture people you will ever meet and are the biggest assholes. also the whitiest town ever but every guy thinks there african american. weekends consist of drinking bud light in the woods with a million people or smoking weed or having huge house partys were something usually goes wrong.

phrases said by people from wantagh include:do it up,do work,before every sentence they said wait, tru/truski,

also,a town where know one knows where it is but everyone knows the towns around it. (bellmore seford merrick,massapequa levittown) or they mistake it for montauk. also gateway to jones beach
person:oh where do you live?
person from wantagh:wantagh
person:wait montauk??

girl 1:where do u wanna go out to lunch?
girl 2:robeks,or healty eatary
girl 1:omgg okayy ill drivee

*girl breaks up with guy and doesnt tell anyone yet*
*5 mintues later goes down the block to party*
*people run to the door to greet her* omggg you broke up with phill? whyyy?
by dina__yo May 02, 2007

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