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Used to describe a kid whos irritating and/or a complete wanker. normally associated with those kids that think theyre cool and hang around you the whole time pretending to be tougher than they are when in actual fact nobody likes them. have a tendancy to go hyper and chat random shit.
"That guys completly scrappy doo"
"Hey scrappy! shut the fuck up!"
by dimsum May 16, 2005
When a geek (normally a white guy) turns out to be a complete head case and kicks in several people threatening its existence. can result in the throwing af large objects such as chairs and computers screens. the "hulk" normally comes under effect when nerd is surrounded as a last survival instict (nerd does not have to actually become green or built)
"did you hear about Norbert? he went totally hulk on six chavs"
"Holy shit! its a fucking hulk!ARGHHHH (as head gets smashed in by keyboard)"
by dimsum May 16, 2005
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