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Large, often frilly underpants still rocked by the aging beauties of the Greatest Generation. When worn properly, they hold in a woman's paunch, helping to streamline the figure (and, by that measure, to accentuate the bosom).
However, due to changing fashions, including the popularization of midriff exposure and post-sexual revolution distaste for too many strappy accoutrements, such as garters and slips, granny panties have stopped being associated with classy babes, and are now usually only associated with gross old ladies.
"Ok, I think you can take the curlers out now. How are those granny panties fitting?"
"Um, you know I love you and everything, but why is it your fantasy to dress me up like your grandma?"
"Ew, no! You're supposed to be Lauren Bacall in 'To Have and Have Not'!"
by dimplodocus September 18, 2007
cocaine, and also possibly a good name for a brand of cocaine, should it become legal.
White Lion ™ brand blow is the most effective! Contains less than 10% glass. Use as directed.
by dimplodocus July 05, 2007
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