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Verb: Variation of "shart" occurring in the bathtub. An anal release in a bathtub intended to be a fart that unintentionally contains fecal matter. A portmanteau of “shit” and “tub.”

Noun: An objectionable person, or undesired company, derived from the verb form of shub; a reference to the little unwanted turd in the tub after shubbing.
Noun use:
Person 1: How was your bath?
Person 2: Good until I shubbed. Then I basically had to start over from scratch.
Person 1: Nasty.

Verb use:
Person 1: See that dude over there by the Twilight poster? I met him at a party last week and he was a total chode.
Person 2: Seriously, I work with him. He’s past chode status; he’s a hardcore shub. Also, Twilight sucked.
by dilbrent March 26, 2010
Listen up, "disreproachable" is absolutely a word. I am not saying you hear it every day; in fact there is a significant, not-insubstantial chance you won't even hear it in your lifetime. You should get out more.

It's very much like "irreproachable" and its root word "reproach" but in no way similar, other than the obvious similarities.
Obviously similar uses:
"Her grooming was beyond reproach; it was _irreproachable_."
"His groomering was _dispreproachable_; although without question I burned the couch cushion he sat on when he left."

Less similar:
"You know how 'irreproachable' is a word? That's awesome, but I don't think 'disreproachable' is cool like that. Only a choad would say that."
"You know what word I like? 'Disreproachable.' That's an awesome word. I don't think a chode would use that word."

So, they are not completely interchangeable, but you definitely get the picture. Also, New Moon sucked. Where I come from the vampires actually suck blood. Come on.
by dilbrent April 16, 2010
A rerun of Glee, which is more than likely better than a new episode of most other crap.
Q: Hey, let's go get some churros.

A: Can't. Excellent Gleerun is coming on in 20 minutes, the GaGa episode dude.
Q: That's super gay
A: Yup. Wanna stay?
Q: Yeah.
by dilbrent June 25, 2010
Noun: Simon Cowell

Etymology: Originally a portmanteau of "British" and "idiot" it has come to mean anyone who happens to be Simon Cowell, host of X Factor. Initially the concept was to create a word that could be used generically to denote any British person who migrated to the United States specifically for the purpose of denigrating people publicly on national television despite not having a shred of even their most pathetic talents, but ultimately the realization was that only Simon Cowell met these strict requirements and, basically, he deserves his own word.

Trivia: Piers Morgan was also originally on the "short-list" for this distinction, but was removed after showing subtle hints of self awareness and (even more subtle) humility on Donald Trump's "The Celebrity Apprentice." Morgan is nonetheless under casual observation. He seems like a nice guy, though.
TV Watcher #1: Did you see Simon Cowell on X Factor last night? What a prick.
TV Watcher #2: Yeah, it's all about his glorification. What a chode. He's a Britiot.
TV Watcher #1: Actually, he is the only Britiot on record. If Piers Morgan starts up again I'll let you know, but I read an article that said he was actually a really nice guy.
by dilbrent October 20, 2011

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