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The act of holding a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor and a marijuana blunt in your hands.
Gangsta #1: I'll be hanging around the hood all day drinking a 40 and smoking a blunt!
Gangsta #2: Yeah, a 40 and a blunt is always a good combination! Let me hit it too, homie!
by difiCa June 26, 2007
A big ass truck mostly seen in the suburbia. Driven mostly by soccer moms that have given birth to way too many stupid ass kids. Most will never carry maximum people or see mud. A damn shame, since it's a good truck which doesn't deserve it's fate.
Soccer mom #1: Look, we bought a new Excursion, the Suburban wasn't big enough, Josh would'nt fit in the Suburban with all his baby gear.
Soccer mom #2: Yeah, i guess we should get one too, looks really nice!
Real Nigga: Use ya truck for some real shit, not carrying stupid toddlers around!

by difiCa June 28, 2007
An older American vehicle (yank), which are known for being very fuel-inefficient, really large (tank) and often very uniquely designed. Most yanktanks were produced before the 1973 fuel crisis, but some are still produced today (Lincoln Town Car and Ford Crown Victoria for instance).

Some however think that the size of the engine of an yanktank should be given in cubic inches, and if it isn't it's not a real yanktank.
Fred: Scotty drives a real yanktank.
Mike: What does he drive then?
Fred: He's got a '64 Impala.
Mike: Oh, yeah, that's an yanktank for sure.
by difiCa June 25, 2007

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