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A military installation in the Mojave Desert of California. Is 3 hours away from the nearest city, and 45 minutes away from the nearest town--Barstow--which is little more than a collection of meth labs and trailer parks. Touted by top brass as the 'cutting edge' maneuver training center, it is instead where those who have never fought a war attempt to teach tactics to thrice-over veterans of recent conflicts. When not conducting combat operations in Iraq, Soldiers stationed at this base are known for their alcoholism, occasional proclivity toward crystal meth and lack of free time or a normal sex life.
Soldier's friends at home: "Wow, you're stationed in California, you're lucky..."
Soldier: "It's not California like in CHIPS; It's Fort Irwin. Just shut the fuck up. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about."
Friends: "..Are you okay? You used to be such a sweet boy..."
by dickhole April 11, 2006

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